Find the future, don’t become toast

Speaking to the Nest Egg podcast team, CIO Wayne Peters said his experience of helming, and later selling Kodak Express was an example of the power of technology and the importance of sustainable investment decisions.

Explaining that he sold the Kodak Express chain in 1989 with the arrival of Canon’s first digital camera, he said when he first saw the digital camera, he realised it would not be too good for the Kodak business.

“I sold the chain, and interestingly, two years later, Bill Gates came out and said Kodak was toast… at that stage, Kodak was the second most valuable brand in the world. A very early lesson on how technology can change very quickly and impact values.”

With this lesson in mind, Wayne provides:

  1. Peters MacGregor’s three key portfolio themes
  2. How he navigates the proven track record versus future dividend opportunity divide
  3. And the European bank recovery story

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