Our Individually Managed Account (IMA) service is designed to be tailored to your needs. It offers the greatest flexibility and bestows the advantages of direct ownership of the assets held in the portfolio to the individual or nominated vehicle.

  • Access to a professionally managed, high conviction portfolio invested in 20 to 30 businesses listed on major stock exchanges around the world
  • Beneficial ownership of shares
  • Truly unique portfolio holdings compared to the benchmark index and other global equity funds
  • Investment Growth
  • Performance
  • Reports
Performance disclaimer
Inception date: 20 January 2000
Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. The IMA performance figures represent the average returns over all the individually managed accounts (“IMA”) during the relevant periods. Each IMA will generate discrete returns depending on its portfolio structure from time to time. The gross returns reflect actual returns for the Australian dollar denominated accounts. The net returns have been calculated assuming a 20% performance fee (calculated quarterly with high water mark) on the aggregate Australian dollar denominated accounts. IMA investors have the option between a performance fee and a flat annual management fee. Actual returns for the composite are higher than stated as flat annual fee clients have paid less fees on average. Intra year performance figures are unaudited. The returns are net of management fees and before taxes. The MSCI figures are the MSCI ACWI NR AUD Index. Note the MSCI ACWI GR AUD was used prior to 1 January 2001 as the MSCI ACWI NR AUD Index did not exist.

Key Features

Investment objective

To outperform the MSCI ACWI Net Return (AUD) Index over the long term (five years plus) net of fees, while reducing the risk of permanent capital loss. Investors however, should be clear that management of the Fund is based around generating absolute returns and the portfolio is constructed without reference to
any benchmark.

Investment style

Value, fundamental, ‘bottom-up’ approach

Asset allocation

Global securities 0% – 100%
Cash 0% – 100%

Number of stocks

20 to 30 investments in businesses listed on major stock exchanges around the world.

Suggested investment timeframe

5 years plus

Minimum investment


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Individually Managed Account?

An Individually Managed Account (IMA) is a personalised investment portfolio service for an individual or a company, family trust or other entity. Peters MacGregor will professionally manage the portfolio on the client’s behalf.

How do I open an Individually Managed Account?

Please contact us if you would like to open an Individually Managed Account.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment is A$1,000,000.

I am an existing investor, how do I add more funds to my current investment?

Please contact us to add more funds to your current investment.

I am an existing investor, how do I find details on my current investment?

Please contact us for information about your investment.

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