Insights on India – one of the fastest growing economies in the world

In this episode, Wayne Peters discusses the various dynamic features of the Indian market with Kunal Vora, White Whale partners. The case for investing in India is presented alongside discussion around the risks and challenges investors need to be aware of.
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Facebook – A Value Investor’s Top Pick? It’s Not Fake News

Join Trevor Scott, Investment Analyst, and Chloe Peters, Senior Executive of Distribution, as they discuss Facebook and Social Media.
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Patience Pays

In this podcast Owen Raszkiewicz managing director of the Rask group interviews Wayne Peters, Chief Investment Officer. Wayne describes the journey he undertook 30 years ago and the key investment lessons learnt along the way.
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Five Global opportunities right now

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How to profit from holding companies

In this episode Nathan Bell talks about the tricks & traps investors need to be aware of when owning holding companies. He then talks about the holding company Naspers and how you can profit from its greatest bet in technology.
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Finding value in IPOs and Spinoffs

Join Nathan Bell, Head of Research, and Alex Haynes, Head of Distribution, as they explore the huge rewards and pitfalls of investing in IPOs and spinoffs.
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Find the future, don’t become toast

Speaking to the Nest Egg podcast team, CIO Wayne Peters said his experience of helming, and later selling Kodak Express was an example of the power of technology and the importance of sustainable investment decisions. Explaining that he sold the Kodak Express chain in 1989 with the arrival of Canon’s first digital camera, he said when he first saw the digital camera, he realised it would not be too good for the Kodak business. With this lesson in mind, Wayne provides:
  1. Peters MacGregor’s three key portfolio themes
  2. How he navigates the proven track record versus future dividend opportunity divide
  3. And the European bank recovery story
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The Facebook episode

In the fourth episode of the Peters MacGregor Global Investing Podcast, Nathan Bell, Head of Research, and Trevor Scott, Senior Investment Analyst, discuss the bull case for Facebook following the Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal.
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Profiting from the global rise of internet usage

In the third episode of Peters MacGregor Global Investing Podcast, Nathan Bell, Head of Research, and Trevor Scott, Senior Investment Analyst, compare and contrast the digital landscape and internet service providers in Australia and around the world. With growing internet usage demands and consumption of online content around the world, these internet providers are playing an even greater role in society and in our portfolio. Stocks discussed include Telstra, Charter Communications, Comcast, Verizon, Telecom Italia and KT Corp.
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Will dethrone Amazon?

In the second episode of Peters MacGregor Global Investing Podcast, join Wayne Peters, Chief Investment Officer, and Alex Haynes, Head of Distribution, as they turn their attention to Chinese technology giants Baidu, Tencent and to discuss the markets they operate in and how these businesses stack up against US rivals Google, Facebook and Amazon.
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