How investing overseas can help secure your financial future

How investing overseas can help secure your financial future

A guide to investing in overseas shares

Why should you consider investing overseas?

For 24 years owning a portfolio of Australian banks and mining titans has been as simple as it has been profitable. But with the RBA poised to lower interest rates further if the Aussie dollar strengthens, the number of places where you can earn an adequate return without taking large risks is shrinking. While having some foreign currency exposure will help protect your portfolio from further falls in the Aussie dollar, the opportunities to invest overseas in higher quality businesses with longer growth runways than you’ll commonly find on the Australian share market severely outweighs currency and dividend franking benefits for genuine long term investors.

What is included in the report?

By downloading the free 16-page guide, you will get:

  • The case for investing abroad
  • How we invest in overseas shares
  • Myths about investing overseas
  • Questions investors often ask

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Who is Peters MacGregor Capital Management?

Peters MacGregor is a value-focused investment manager based in Sydney, Australia. We proudly set ourselves apart, through our disciplined investment philosophy and in-depth analytical methods. Some call us contrarian; we certainly spend our time seeking out of favour companies. When you’re building long-term capital appreciation you need a patient and methodical approach. Our investment philosophy is international in view and focused around prudent investment in a small number of great companies – companies that we cherry-pick, with all the research and knowledge we have at hand. These are businesses that have a demonstrable competitive advantage, run by exceptional management teams, which are available at prices that will provide our investors with excellent returns. So our investors enjoy focused, bottom up and benchmark-unaware Global Equity portfolios. The end goal is always wealth preservation and appreciation.

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