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Welcome to Peters MacGregor

We are a value based investment manager and we pride ourselves on doing things differently – and well. It’s why our clients have invested in our Global Equities Portfolio since 1999. Our clients have been rewarded through our rigorous focus, long-term approach and contrarian outlook. As proof of this, a $1m investment in our Individually Managed Account in January 2000 would today be worth $7.9m (as of June 2017), a 12.7% p.a. return since inception.*

Our long-term performance*

IMA Investment Growth - June 2017

*Important information: Performance for the period 20 January 2000 to 30 June 2017. Intra year performance figures are unaudited. Performance figures are historical and not necessarily an indication of future performance. The Individually Managed Account (IMA) performance figures represent the average returns over all the IMAs during the relevant periods. Each IMA will generate discrete returns depending on its portfolio structure from time to time. The net returns have been calculated assuming a 20% performance fee (calculated quarterly with high water mark) on the aggregate Australian dollar denominated accounts. IMA investors have the option between a performance fee and a flat annual management fee. Actual returns for the composite are higher than stated as flat annual fee clients have paid less fees on average. The net returns are net of management fees and before taxes.